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New Bow Toxik

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Finally went out today and shot 3 Mathews bows S2, Rizen 7.0, and Drenalin and a PSE Bow Madness and a Bass Pro Toxik bow made by Bowtech under the Diamond line. The Toxik is fast and quiet and no hand shock and I was able to draw 5 more lbs. With the savings of $300.00 over the Mathews I was able to add an QAD LD drop away rest, Black Gold Flash Point sight, simms stablilizer, 1/4" meta peep and a few small extras. I will keep my Mathews as a back up bow for now. In 6 years bows have made big advances in mid-priced bows. We'll see how long term use holds up. My plan this morning was to purchase the S2 but....... Just for note: the Flash Point Black Gold sight has really bright pins something my eyes need.
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I will keep my Mathews as a back up bow for now.
Uh Oh is this the same guy who swore by Mathews? Just kidding, it sounds like you have found a great setup and it will definitely serve you well. Think of it like this HM, as a boxer my old man always said "if you think you're the toughest, fastest, and meanest there's always someone tougher, faster, and meaner than you because it's just a matter of time before you find them." Kind of like your bows. Mathews was your brand and it was just a matter of time before you found its match. OK I just blew that one way out of proportion didn't I????
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