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New Bow Toxik

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Finally went out today and shot 3 Mathews bows S2, Rizen 7.0, and Drenalin and a PSE Bow Madness and a Bass Pro Toxik bow made by Bowtech under the Diamond line. The Toxik is fast and quiet and no hand shock and I was able to draw 5 more lbs. With the savings of $300.00 over the Mathews I was able to add an QAD LD drop away rest, Black Gold Flash Point sight, simms stablilizer, 1/4" meta peep and a few small extras. I will keep my Mathews as a back up bow for now. In 6 years bows have made big advances in mid-priced bows. We'll see how long term use holds up. My plan this morning was to purchase the S2 but....... Just for note: the Flash Point Black Gold sight has really bright pins something my eyes need.
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Hey I'm a Mathews guy, but if you happy with your bow then no one can complain. I don't need a new bow, cuz my Drenalin is still shooting with all the rest right up there. It's not the bow speed on the top end that matters, as many are getting the Monster only to turn it down to 60# where they are accurately shooting it.

And that is all that matters most. :coffee:
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