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Our second was born 10-10-10, .
my second also born on 10-10 but in 98
my first was 5-10-96
makes it easy for dad to remember when their birthday's are

Berklee Paige (TATOR) was born Tues at 12:33pm. She was 9 lb 12 oz, (we grow 'em big 'round here). :lol:

Daddy is very pround! She has a full head of hair!!! Unlike me (NO bald jokes please).

I opted to stay BEHIND the curtain, I don't mind seeing that gory stuff, but just not on my wife, ya know? Well, the Doc said, "dad, do you want to see your baby?" and I said yes, and she told me to stand up. Well she forgot to inform me that only the baby's head was sticking out of my wife's belly... that grossed me out a bit. But I don't get whoosie or anything seeing that. It was a great experience, having my second child! I want 2 more, but my wife only wants 1 more.... hehe we'll see. I attached some pics for you all.
glad to hear all went well Tator
that would be one heck of a tator field
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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