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i need something new to hunt. somthing fast paced with a high sucsess rate. truth be told i love deer hunting, but am getting realy discuraged and burnt out. for the last several years work has prevented me from getting out there 1/2 as much as i would like, and i kept telling my self that was why i hadent got a buck in several years. i had seen a few, but not been offored an ethical shot. well last season i was unemployed, got out there alot, did my scouting. found a few real prommising spots, and hunted them fairly hard. still no deer. i also had the advantage of the cumulitive knolage of you guys helping me, and Ronn even drove down and did some scouting with me and pored as much knowlage into me as he could in a day. we found another promising looking spot and i hunted it several times.... and still no deer. dont get me wrong im not complaining and realy apreshiate all the help. espeshaly from Ronn. its just that i need somthing to revitalize me, and give me the feeling that it is not all for not. any ideas?
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i think its kind of a normal feeling. think about you and 6 other hunters in a room. now remember only one of you will fill a tag here in nh. so its easy to get down. this is one reason that the 2010 season, for me, has started already. if it were easy we'd find a way to add some challenge. maybe by taking only mature deer or only bow hunting, or even going traditional. everyone gets down especially after a tough season. now is the time to scout, process what we learned, read looking for that missing part, work our butts off getting the equipment we need for the first time we carry a weapon back into the woods.
now if you want to keep hunting, sharpen all your skills, scout new areas, go after coyotes. coyotes have hearing as good as a deer, nose and eyesight is better. if you can kill coyotes you can kill a deer.
another thing is look into hunting states where there are more deer. think of it as practice for the tough conditions here in nh. most everyone has a relative or an old friend in a deer rich state. plan out what it would take to get some time hunting there. with lots of deer you'll get to test those skills and maybe put meat in the freezer. 24/7/365
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I know the feeling, but don't start believing that it must be something that YOU are doing wrong or not doing right. It just might be where you live. I got so discouraged with the situation in Vermont, I moved to Montana 16 years ago. I won't have to move again - at least not for the same reason.
I know the feeling, but don't start believing that it must be something that YOU are doing wrong or not doing right. It just might be where you live. I got so discouraged with the situation in Vermont, I moved to Montana 16 years ago. I won't have to move again - at least not for the same reason.
naw i dont think its anything im doing wrong or not doing right. i know im not as good of a hunter as some of you guys, but i do think im beter than your average joe. i reailize the North east is ruff, and i think that is part of what has me down. it seems no matter how much i put into it, im still hunting in NH. i like Ronn's idea of hunting in a state with a much higher deer population, but dont know how doable that is for me right now.
Yeah, hunting another state is or can be a tough consideration. where I am at it means a lot of homework to find an area, a longer drive than normal to hunt and every time I scout. plus increased tag fees for non resident status.
I think that might be worth it if I was going out west for elk or buffalo, but not around here for whitetail unless I was almost guaranteed seeing shooters and lots of them.
i dont know. im kinda leaning twards bird hunting. iv never done it, so it would be a totaly new experiance for me. seems faster pace than deer hunting, dont need to get all scent free. that would be nice for a change. and there is an old timer down the street from me that i talk to on a regular basis that dose it and has a dog for it. i think it might be refreshing. what do you guys think.
brid hunting is fun and yup its different. fast paced well at times i guess, right after the stocking. its fun a worth the effort. it doesn't do much to prepare you for deer other than all the walking. you should do it.

out of state hunts don't have to cost much. pa non res is 180 plus 30 for extra doe tags each. 80 for travel to and fro tent at a camp ground 10 a night. thats 400ish for a week i think you can even get a week hunting license. know anyone in tn? what about nj tons and tons of deer there. or ny
i got a brother right out side of nashville. i have been thinking of goin down there and hunting. the down side to that is that there would be no pre scouting done cause he dont hunt. im not saying that i would want to go down there and have a stand all set up for me, but i would like a ball park idea of a proporty or two that hold deer to start from.
Not that you would, but don't give up on deer hunting. But a change of pace is bird hunting hunting to be exact. When you learn to call and set up your dekes the right way, you talk about fast paced, adrenaline pumping, in your face, sweet Jesus where did all these birds come from and which one do I shoot first type of hunt......nothing like havin a flight of bull sprigs or mallards buzz you at 60mph in the dark
not planing on quiting deer hunting, just talking about doing somthing a little diferent, faster pace, and with a higher sucsess rate to revitalize me. i think NH has somthing like 3% sucsess rate for deer hunting.
I pay something like $126 to archery hunt PA. Maybe you could try something like that, like ronn said, short trips. I enjoy fishing as well as hunting so it helps blend in the down time. It really helps to find a hunting/fishing buddy, it just makes things a hole lot more fun.
Upland bird hunting is a lot of fun , the cost is relatively low and its great exercise. The down side if there is any is that it takes away some of the time for bow hunting , as it starts Oct. 1 st and runs into DEC. If its pheasant than your best bet is in the first four weeks as this is when they stock , after that pheasants tend to put on some distance and travel well out of the area. It does sharpen your point and shoot skills along with lots of good leg exercise .I love being out there with my german shorthaired pointer and watching him work. Its a trade that I accepted when I got him and started training him. It is a commitment that you should stick with if you want to succeed and do well. All that aside pheasant , woodcock , and ruffed grouse are DELICIOUS. I can not justify spending hundreds of dollars to hunt different states for $100 dollars of meat taking into consideration the cost to process the meat , the gas , wear and tear on the truck and lost time at work when I have a mortgage and two kids. I live in a desolate area for deer also , but manage to harvest quite well, mostly every year . legally, and cost effectively. I guess what it boils down to is you get out of it what you put into it and that you have fun and don't be to hard on yourself when failure is the final outcome.
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