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Need some hunting tips

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I hunt in Jefferson Co. Georgia on my private owned land. Im havin some trouble tryin to figure out what to do.. Where i hunt i have a 5 acre bermuda hay field with a decent slope. At the bottom of the field are really think hardwoods for about 100 yrds then it opens up to a mature hardwood bottom.. the problem is it drops about 75 feet (n..early vertical) to a flat swamp bottom with a creek running thru it.. deer use this bottom as a funnel but im having trouble setting up the right way with this major hillside.. Any tips? (there is also i scrape line on top of hill and rubs all over) Thanks!
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Those are good sign from last year and shows the travel route(s) of bucks. The deer are most likely leaving the swamp bottom using common routes to the hardwoods and hay field. You may just be the one hunter that might want to try a couple of turkey decoys along the hardwoods using the field with the turkey decoys to give the all clear sign to the deer. I've never gave out this kind of suggestion but some here say it works. I would concentrate on locating this years rub & scrape lines when they're made and set up for a buck. Locating a travel route right in the swamp with good sized tracks might be worth it too, just stay really clean as you're scent will tend to stay low. I assume bugs are a major problem in your state so that might prevent the swamp hunting? Standing water = snakes and not for me. Need some better info from some of our southern hunters.
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If you're rifle hunting then back off some and try to cover more area/trails.
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