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Need some hunting tips

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I hunt in Jefferson Co. Georgia on my private owned land. Im havin some trouble tryin to figure out what to do.. Where i hunt i have a 5 acre bermuda hay field with a decent slope. At the bottom of the field are really think hardwoods for about 100 yrds then it opens up to a mature hardwood bottom.. the problem is it drops about 75 feet (n..early vertical) to a flat swamp bottom with a creek running thru it.. deer use this bottom as a funnel but im having trouble setting up the right way with this major hillside.. Any tips? (there is also i scrape line on top of hill and rubs all over) Thanks!
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Maybe you should try putting a ladder stand up and trying get off the ground. do you go down into the bottom any? if so maybe you leaving to much sent down there.
well try finding a tree to climb if u have a climber that way u dont have to drag a big stand in there and find out u cant use it. and scent free keep ur hunting close separated from your daily clothes. and keep them washed in scent free detergent and keep a spray bottle with u to keep urself sprayed down.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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