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Need Help With Jerky

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Hello all. I recently purchased a dehydrator for making new jerky. I bought some seasonings and right as I was about to make it I noticed that there was a section saying " all wild game should be frozen for 60 days before preparing to kill any remaining parasites" This is something that I have never, ever heard before. I figured that this would apply mainly to areas with CWD or a deer that showed signs of EHD. I know i have had jerky that hasnt been frozen for that long and I just wanted to ask around before i jumped in for my first time. I would hate to make a lot of people sick before Christmas lol. Thanks y'all!
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new to me :wacko:
I just shot a small 3 pt on Saturday. On Sunday I took the backstraps and tenderloins and packaged them. Then I took all the rest of the deer including the strips between the ribs and grinded it all up, mixed in seasoning, let settle (marinade) for a couple hours, then loaded the jerky gun up a bunch of times and filled the dehydrator up. By 1030pm Sunday night the jerky was in the dryer overnight. The next day my daughter took a bunch to school for her and her friends and as of today everybody is well, no complaints. Maybe it's the recommended safe time or method by all those smart people. No later than 2 days after the kill I've had jerky all the time for many years now. Besides, who the heck wants to wait 60 days for jerky. I don't, you don't, I say go for it man!!!!!!
add enough salt and will kill the pathogens

...just like they did in the old pioneer days:nerd:
:goodposting: sounds about right to me
Did it mean frozen before making or after making it? I have made it plenty of times after it has been frozen and did not freeze the jerky and everyone is Okay!!
Never heard of that. I dont even think I have ever made jerky after it was frozen for 60 days. The meat never last that long. We eat it pretty fast.
take human bites:bag::tongue:
New Info

I did a good bit of research and the only thing that I have come up with is that some of the meat can contain E-Coli if the stomach contents have been emptied into the body cavity of the deer. Many "educated" people think that you should boil the meat at 160 degrees to kill such bacteria or freeze for 60 days. Of than that I found absolutely no evidence of harmful bacteria in it. I know I have eaten deer that was made the same day but i figured i might as well ask if anyone knew anything about the bacteria. I went ahead and started making it. I have some finished already and the second batch is going in the dehydrator today. No way in heck I'm waiting 60 days to make my jerky. Thanks for the comments y'all!!!
I have been making jerk for some time and i think you will be ok... Allways make sure the meat is as clean as you can make it. Stomach or lower digestive contamination is your biggest fear.. I personally do not like using a dehydrator without using a preserative.. your oven will do a good job set at about 200f, with a fork in the door to keep a small crack. Prob nothing wrong with dehydrator, i just want to get it a little hotter and it only takes about 2 hours to make..I dont think my jerky will keep as long as traditional dehydrator. but that is not a problem because it will not last long enough to go bad
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