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need help! Bucks only at night!

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I hunt in south central Kansas on private property. Have a lot of pictures of does and some really nice bucks on the property, but I can't find them during the day. I have only seen 1 buck and 2 does during shooting hours. The property I hunt I think is mainly a bedding area and can't find a way to get them to show up during the day. Can anyone give me any ideas?
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Greetings from Vermont Welcome to the club.
The deer's Rutting activity has 3 phases pre rut, peak rut & post rut.
when the Rut peaks in your area you should start seeing more deer.
It's amazing what a 7 to 10 day difference can make during a hunting season.
Well, with the rut it can be at anytime, but I would do more scouting and see where these bucks are coming from and get just outside their bedding area. Then you can catch them coming and going. Watch the winds though....

Although right now I'd be concentrating on the does...the bucks won't be far:thumbup:
I read once in a magazine about a deer camp that was having the same problems. They rarely saw deer in daylight hours but had lots of trail cam pictures all at night. They took turns during the night riding their 4 wheelers around the property. I know it sounds crazy and I have never done it. They figured riding the 4 wheelers every hour throughout the night would keep the deer bedded down at night when all the activity is going on then they would come out more during the day. In the article they said it worked very well and they began to see many more deer during the day. Like I said I never tried it, but I read about it in some magazine I think at the Barber shop.
Thanks for the info. The problem is I'm not seeing the does either. Occasionally I will see a doe but of the does I've seen during the day they were in completely different areas. I guess I am going to have to do some night scouting to see where they are coming from.
find the food source
I know where the food sources are, but because there are multiple food sources, the deer don't use the same one everyday. THe property I hunt has a food source on 3 sides of the property. The deer don't always stay in the same bedding areas which might explain why I can't always find the deer. I have feeders out but in the last few days, the deer haven't been coming into the food. The trail cameras that have been getting lots of pictures are now showing me that nothing is coming through. I think part of the problem is the full moon.
food source changed. deer will hit hard that food that will disappear first. when all the food is gone around you, those feeders should bring them back.
or they got spooked to an adjacent property
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