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Ebay is a good place to find some cheap ones. (used of course) being you said your new to archery you do know that you need to shoot all the same size arrows to be consitant enough for hunting.(RIGHT) other than used arrows non of them are cheap. If you stay away from aluminum arrows ( witch I like and shoot) and go with a few carbon arrows they will hold up well. them things take a whole lot of abuse without warping. with that said if you pick up one or two arrows a week from some were like wally world (witch is cheaper that a sporting goods store) use prictice tips to sight in your bow then I recomend a 4 blade broad head to hunt with but most importantly they need to be the same weight as the practice tips you were useing. you should be just fine with 3 or 4 arrows till you are able to build up enough arrows to not have to change out your tips( note if you do change out your tips if you deside to use a 3 blade broad when you tighen it down use a little heat from a cigarette lighter to heat the insert so you can turn it when the broad head is tight then the insert will move to allow you to continue to move so you will be able to line up the razors of the broad head with the fleching of the arrow-- this will help arrows stay in true flight and same with 4 blades) And to add heating the insert does not take much at all and if you use a carbon arrow dont burn it. you do not need to have a flame right on the arrow and keep the arrow moving (rolling between your fingers) all you are wanting to do is soften up the glue to alow you to slightly move the insert. it will reharden with in a few seconds after you remove the heat.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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