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need an answer please

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Can you kill to many deer out of one spot and ruin it, My fiancee and I have kill 2 real nice bucks and one doe in 3 days out of my favorite spot, have we messed up
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depends on the deer density, but 99% of the time i'd say yes you can, and the size of the area of your favorite spot.
The size of the property means a lot as well as adjoining properties. If the deer travel between properties in a larg section then you may be ok. I would not continue to shoot more does if you have a small plot. You should have a pretty good idea of deer numbers especially bucks to know if the two you took will have a negative impact on breeding of the remaining does. How much property are you hunting and what are neighboring properties like?
If it's a large piece of land No you didnt mess it up, most areas that offer up Deer annually to hunters have been offering them up for hundreds of years and it will continue for hundreds of more years BUT if it's a small chunk of land the action may slow down for a year or 2. JMO
the way i looked at it was if you shoot all the really nice bucks out then it'll be a couple years before there is any more really nice bucks, when the little guys grow up.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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