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Hey folks,
I'm planning on trying some gun hunting this upcoming season and, this being my first hunt, I'd really appreciate some tips. As far as the area I plan on trying...consists of about 100 acres with fields, a creek running through the middle and trees/brush on the sides of the fields. I've done some researching and have tried to find some good suggestions on tactics, but it seems there are no basic, simple strategy to follow. From the stuff I've been reading anyway. I've read about rubs, scrapes, trails, water sources and bedding areas and it seems that different people/hunters have different ideas and strategies that they use to get their deer. Just not sure on which end of the strategies I need to start with. I'm planning on gun hunting and gonna try to keep shots under 100 yards if I can. Hands and legs aren't real good due to MS and to be honest, this'll probably be my last hunt before I'm stuck in a chair. I'll have to just watch the outdoor channel after that:smile:
Just hoping to get some tips and suggestions that might help me get a deer before it's to the point that I can no longer hunt, which the docs say will probably be a couple of years from now. I really want to make this hunt a good one and I'm planning on crawling to the spot where I'll be hunting if I have to as I'm bound and determined to make this a good solo hunt. I'd sure appreciate any and all advice on what I should look for as far as set up, whether a trail, water source or whatever.
Thanks a bunch:smile:
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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