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One corn pile looks like an all you can eat buffet after a bus of fat chicks hit it. Completely gone after 2 days. The second one is about half eaten. But I have yet to see a single deer go to the eaten corn pile and have hunted this stand 3 mornings..
Thomas- First off welcome from MISSOURI! It sounds to me like you have a nice herd of COONS eating your corn. They can demolish a corn pile in one night if there's enough of them. Are you currently using a trail cam over the pile? This time of year, deer are the most active during the late evening hours and at night. If you are in the woods during the day, they typically are bedded up and not going to move unless you come within 100yds or so of them. As temps begin to drop, deer will become more and more visible during the daylight hours. Once the rut hits, (breeding time) they are on their feet alot. To me, you are doing the right thing, but I would check into some trail cams and see what's coming and going around your feeding areas.

I keep waiting, not moving or making a sound but nothing ever comes out. If thats the case, and there is a big buck back there, how do I get him out of the woods and into the opening for a shot? Im not familiar with calls, even though I have two, Im scared I would do more harm by using them.
Patience, Patience, Patience! This is where trail cams come handy. If you can get a buck on camera, then you can half way start to pattern where he's at, at a certain time of day. I use calls all the time. Just make sure you are not OVER using them. Remember deer can not only smell well, they can HEAR really well too. So if you have a buck w/in 200yds of you and you make a grunt call that is so loud that it sounds to that buck that you are 10yds away, you're probably going to spook him. Make your calls believable. That's one problem I had, I was calling too loud when I first began hunting. The same goes for rattling, if you are ABSOLUTELY sure there are no deer within 300yds or more then GO at that rattling hard. But if you're not 100% sure, then it's best to do more soft rattling that is more believable to a buck.

Good luck to you man!
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