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NC bucks in 2008

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my 11 pointer

Jeremy's 14 pointer

Hunter's 8 pointer

Hunter's 9 pointer
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Holy cow guys those are some great bucks, congrats on your sucesses! I like the multiple brow tines on he 14 pt.
You guys have had a great season. Did all the deer come from the same area?
yeah, we killed all four of our deer in Rockingham County.
nice job guys. any left? grin. growing some nice ones there.
Those are some nice bucks. Just curious, did you weigh any of them? We have big bodied deer here in Michigan, but can't say I see many racks like that. I shot a 11 pt. with 17 inch spread that looks like a bambi buck compared to those.
mine (the top one) weighed about 190 pounds which is pretty big for NC deer. i'm not sure about my friends deer though.
quality deer,were you on a guided hunt?That many trophy bucks in one place im guessing private lease etc.Not that thats a bad thing
no, all of our deer were shot on different farms; just all in the same county. mine was killed here at my house; about 100 acre farm. the 14 pointer was killed on his farm. and the 8 and 9 pointer were killed on his farm. so all were self guided hunts.
Thanks for the prompt reply .Thats some awesome genetics ,food,minerals etc to create such quality deer.What state is this again?any public hunting ground?:biggrin:
Rockingham County, North Carolina. to tell you the truth i'm not sure about public land to hunt in NC. i don't know of any and mainly i think the reason is because NC generally doesn't produce very many big bucks. sure there are a handful of nice nice bucks shot every year but we rarely produce any B&C.
Live weight? I would of thought it to be alot heavier than 190lbs. GREAT BUCK ANYHOW!!!
well 190 was what we just guessed it to be. but deer here don't get very heavy. it's rare to find one over 200.
yeah, all three of us have been pretty lucky this year :)
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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