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My son's 1st Buck

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I got to take my oldest boy out for MO youth hunt this past weekend. It was his second year to get to hunt. Last year he killed a doe. I told him he could shoot the first buck to walk in. On saturday morning at 8:45, he shot and killed a 3 pt. It was his first buck kill and he was excited as well as I was. If I can figure out how to put pics on here I would. lol I am a proud father. :yes:
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That's awesome man! Though I am not a big fan of the youth-hunt dates, I do like the fact that they have their own seperate hunting weekend! I am also not a fan of how some people take advantage of this youth-hunt weekend to score a buck for themselves (non youth).

Congrats to you and your son! That is awesome!
Congratulations to you and your son...:thumbup:
BTW-- my last posting was NOT aimed at your semohunter... not in any way shape or form. Read my new posting in the Lodge and you'll see what I mean.

Congrats to your son on shooting his first deer! We need to see some pics!
Yep congrats to both of ya... Figure out how to get those pics on here... He can join that $25 giveaway for youth sportsmen...
Great job semo. Congrats to you and your son.
Congrats to your son
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