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My Son wants a bow

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Ok Guys, help me out,My son wants a bow, a bow ok thats like a trader rofl JK no he really does ,any suggestions?
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got a diamond edge for my son. he is 13. has alot of adjustment to it as do most youth bows. should last him a few more years. i believe he has the one that goes from like 30 lbs to 50 lbs of pull.
A Hoyt Trykon Sport would be great for a kid.
ok thanks Yall :)
yea i haven't worked with youth bows. my son was like 14 or so when we got him a bow and was big enough to handle a adult bow if not the weight. got him a pse deer hunter. not a lot of $$ and is a good starter bow. i've shot it and it shoots good. questions to ask is what is the range in poundage and how much draw adjustments
Whatever the case, if he plans to do any hunting with it, make sure that it meets the minimum poundage requirements for your state for the type of game he'll pursue.
i got a diamand edge but i have out grown it was a good starter bow
Hey ron, you know how small Jacob is for his age .He won one at Jakes to practice with. He loves the bow
cool. remember "perfect practice makes perfect". start him shooting with proper form and technique, don't let him develop bad habits.

most states have a minimum of 40 lb draw to be legal to hunt with. 40 doesn't sound like much but until he gets his muscles trained, it is. be sure to have him not push the weight to fast cause he can hurt himself. oh very important, never ever dry fire a bow. never shoot it without an arrow in it.

have fun
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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