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Smith & Wesson Quality & Customer Service (NOT)

Smith & Wesson quality contol and customer service is lousy! I purchased a new M&P 15A (rifle) amost three weeks ago. Was sold on the name, the dealer said it was hand fitted and tested at the factory. Well, I tried to test fire it at home using three different brands of ammo. Would not fire one round . I took it back to the dealer (largest gun dealer in Cincinnati). Their gunsmith looked at it but could not determine what was wrong. So the Smith&Wesson regional rep was called.
Said no problem wil get you a return call tag to return to factory. I called the dealer again and was told yeah it should be coming in a couple of days. (It has been almost three weeks since I put out $980 for this gun and still don't even have authorization to return it to the factory). The dealer just laughs and says that it takes up to 6 months for S&W to return firearms to him! The dealer has my money, the S&W Rep just doesn't care , and calling customer service at S&W only gets me a "we can't do a thing until the gun is returned! I'm left with a cheap plastic gun case, a cheap manual and a made in china lock for $980!!

Also, S&W warranty is one year!:mad:
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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