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my poor gun!!

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Ok fellas. I recently got me a I bolt in 30/06. And I love the gun. And I figured most of my guns have bipods on them. What the heck... so I went and got me one from the local gun shop. And by suprise it worked. Most won't due to the recessed swivle mount. Any who. I took it out of the case to show my buddy. And it fell off. And tore the plastic swivle mount off. Any sugestions on what I can do? Because now I can't even use my shoulder strap.
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epoxy, or accuglass. thats about the only things I can think of that may work.
duct-tape that'll fix anything. grin
I called the place I got the gun. And they said they have heard that happen quite a few times. With this perticular gun. And smith and wesson will usually send a whole new stock. I'm hopping so. If not. I'm thinking about re drilling the stock and using metal swivle studs. Has any of you ever done this? If so. Is it a bad idea?
Do you mean that the front stud that normally clips to a sling broke? Sorry I'm not really catching what's happened.
if i remember right its more of a pin let into the forestock or is that the ruger? try for a new stock.
Its. Just a little plastic sling hole rather than an actual sling swivle. Wich is pretty sad. But I have always been a big fan of smith and wesson so I figured why not. It has a tc barrel and timney adjustable trigger out of the box. But the plastic peice that your sapossed to connect your sling or bipod is a joke. Other than that I love the gun. I wish I could post a pic but this forum won't let me. Can I email them to someone. And have one of you post them please?
I hate to say it dude but you're at the mercy of Smith and Wesson, that stock is molded with that Cut-In Flush Sling Mount, kind of a flat bottom profile, it's a poor design and Hopefully Smith and Wesson will replace it for you.
For the record, S&W has a great Lifetime Service Policy. Give their customer service a call and speak with them about it. Good Luck

Smith & Wesson
2100 Roosevelt Avenue
Springfield, MA 01104

Phone= 1-800-331-0852 (USA)
Mon-Fri 8:00AM-8:00PM Eastern Time
Dang Bruce you are the MAN. Are you sure you don't work for S+W...... LOL
Dang Bruce you are the MAN. Are you sure you don't work for S+W...... LOL

Wow I wish I did they have an Armfull of handguns I'd like to have.
Thanks guys. Yeah. That's the only thing I don't like about the gun. I called and there closed till Monday. So hopefully they will give me a new stock. Do you guys think putting a metal sling swivle on the new stock is a bad idea. Would it loose its ridgittity?
So what do you guys think? An I totaly screwed?
You might be able to carefully make a rough form and epoxy the break. I think that would be as strong as the plastic stock. It the form patch wasn't perfect you can drill out the center hole. I don't know how much wear and tear the stud can take?? Hopefull you can get a new stock.
S&w said once I send them mine. They will send me a new stock! Thanks. S&w!!
YAY !!! And that's why I'm a dedicated Smith & Wesson customer. :thumbup:
Man. I'm telling you. It was no questions asked. 10 pts for them.
Smith & Wesson Quality & Customer Service (NOT)

Smith & Wesson quality contol and customer service is lousy! I purchased a new M&P 15A (rifle) amost three weeks ago. Was sold on the name, the dealer said it was hand fitted and tested at the factory. Well, I tried to test fire it at home using three different brands of ammo. Would not fire one round . I took it back to the dealer (largest gun dealer in Cincinnati). Their gunsmith looked at it but could not determine what was wrong. So the Smith&Wesson regional rep was called.
Said no problem wil get you a return call tag to return to factory. I called the dealer again and was told yeah it should be coming in a couple of days. (It has been almost three weeks since I put out $980 for this gun and still don't even have authorization to return it to the factory). The dealer just laughs and says that it takes up to 6 months for S&W to return firearms to him! The dealer has my money, the S&W Rep just doesn't care , and calling customer service at S&W only gets me a "we can't do a thing until the gun is returned! I'm left with a cheap plastic gun case, a cheap manual and a made in china lock for $980!!

Also, S&W warranty is one year!:mad:
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Half, Sounds like the Gunsmith isn't working for you.
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