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In the past 3 years that I have found interest in hunting with a crossbow I have gained so much knowledge about crossbows in general. In particular one of the most frequent questions that I get asked a lot from friends and people that are not familiar with crossbows is which is the "BEST" crossbow. I have noticed that people have a tendency to believe that since the crossbow is highly expensive that it must the best crossbow. In most instances that is not true there are some non expensive crossbows that deliver the same or even better performance than the expensive crossbow. There are many brands and styles of crossbows to choose from, I have learned that the best way to know which crossbow is the one for you is to try it out first before buying. I remember when I first looked into purchasing a crossbow I wasn't aware of the variety of crossbows there are out there and yes some look really cool then others but that doesn't mean that just because it looks cool its gonna fit your needs. People have different taste and style, by this I mean just like when you go buy a cell phone or shoes, people want the ones that meet there standards at a right price. Now with that said which one was your first crossbow and how did you come in conclusion to know that was the crossbow for you..?

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