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my new spot

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love the spot i found a stocked pound with 3 typs of sunny trout cat carp bass and perch and even drum i think. close to home the sunny make it nice for the kids they dont get board with them hitting right along
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that will work. anytime i take my niece and daughter fishing i go to a stocked pond. keeps them busy. there usually waiting on me to put there worm on the hook more than waiting on a fish
that is this spot the man who owns the land was nice enough to let me in my 17 year old got mad when i said she had to talk her self for her and her friend to fish it. that she is old enough to be responseable for her own fishing rights. would love to hook one of the monster carp in that pound from the top of the cliff they look about 1 1/2 to 2 foot think i would have a nice fight on my hands i thin it also has otter or some kind of water mamle i know it not a beaver might be rat but it head is to cute
dont know the guy as seen her there and not said nothing to me or them so i guse she did. to me it is the princeable of it. i even have been picking up garbage that blowin from the road to his yard as a way to say thank you
yeah im still young but my dad always beat into my head what "the principle of the matter" meant. now looking back im thankful for it.
way to go always picking up trash.KEEP THE SCEANE CLEAN way to go on pushing her to learn to ask for herself.youll never get nothing in life without asking,working for it:biggrin:
and those carp make some awesome runs.some people think they're trash fish idont believe there is such a thing
she a good kid a little lipy at times if i did not know better i would swear she was my daughter and not my step kid with the way her temper can get lol
teenagers are like that.I often wonder how come my parents didnt kill me
same here but in all she is a good kid
Why i oughtta .boom alice right to the moon:biggrin:
i just caught a 42 inch northeren 2 days ago
i just caught a 42 inch northeren 2 days ago
yeah but its sadly on my phone
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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