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my new beard boards 1

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well my cousin showed up yesterday with a present for me. i posted a pic of the last beard board he made me but he has improved on it even more. he gave me one and i trades for one so the two in the pics are mine and a bought a set for a friend of mine. my cousin is selling these for only 20 bucks each. and while talking to him i come up with even another sugestion and it was to move the top image from the back to the front and make it a fan mount as well. he loved the idea and now i set and wait for my new up and coming fan/beard board mount. :w00t:


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They do look good. Tell him he can list them in our manufacture area if he thinks some will sell online. If I had a bird to display I would pay the 20 bucks.
Those are awesome! Very good for the eyes, and you can't beat a home-made plaque. Well worth the money if they were available to purchase! :thumbup:
I've told him about your alls pos feed backs about them, I have him making a new style for me already, I'm having him take the same idea he has in my pic but move the image to the front so it will also hold a fan as well. He's already in the process of making it but he lives almost 2 hours away so it might e a month or two before I can catch up with him again to get one. It's gonna take me 20 years to fill up all these beard bords I'm gonna end up with !!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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