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Mr. Fox, my huntin' is over for this year too. I decided to call it quits 5 days prematurely. Went and checked trail cams and just not alot moving right now. I do, however, have 5 young bucks that have been frequenting the property. There's about 5-10 does as well. I've already taken 2 does this year, 10pt buck, and a button buck so I'm going to call it good for now. Plus I checked one of my ladder stands the other day and it's come loose at the top where the rachet strap is. I'm going to start using my OWN rachet straps. It seems like those that come with the ladder stands always break or are junk. Anyways, looking forward to turkey season. Right now there's 14 hens down in the woods where I hunt. hopefully they'll bring in some fat gobblers this spring. Good luck to everyone else out there still hunting.
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