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My First Deer

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Hey, first of all, great site. I love any place I can get with my fellow hunters and talk shop. I'm the type of guy who has gone through a lot of hobbies in my life. From guitar playing, to target archery, to endlessly waxing my jeep to obtain the perfect shine. Some might call me a bit obsessed, but I can't help the way that I'm wired. Anyway, since I had a bow already for target achery, I decided to take up hunting. I put my guitar away and bought a shotgun to add to my bow and recently got a muzzleloader for Christmas.

I have already fell in love with hunting. The peace, solitude, and excitement all rolled up into one is amazing. I'm happy to announce that I got my first deer. It was a tad below 80 pounds and while somewhat small, I really got a rush out of it. I must admit, some of my non-hunting friends snickered at me, but they don't understand the feeling that one gets when taking down a deer, regardless of monster or baby.

With all that being said, I'm somewhat nervous that I have shown bad form in shooting the deer. Was it to small or is it really up to the individual hunter? Is there some type of unwritten rule that says deer X must at least look like it has grown some nut hair? The last thing I want to do is to be a bad sport in the woods. I love nature more than anything else, including my job as a Norton representative. Getting away from the computer and spending it in the woods is incredible. I plan on teaching my son all about hunting, as he is a bit out of control at times and needs this type of hobby to calm him down. Thus, another reason why I want to follow the proper "rules", as I want to teach him right. Thanks!!!

"Nutone then, Nutone now, Nutone forever"
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Never feel guilty about killing a deer if it was done by the law. A deer is a deer is a deer. Every hunter gets to set their own standards each time they set forth in the woods. With many states have close to 1 million deer, we need to shoot more does than bucks each and every year just keep the herd in some sort of balance. I have had to se-set my standard several times during a two week hunt because I wanted meat for the freezer and wasn't seeing good bucks. So have fun hunt by the law hunt with good friends and eat what you kill. I have fresh jerky in the dehydrator as I write this.
thats good advice......i have yet to talk to a farmer that says only kill the big ones .
Right on Hunting Man, and welcome to the site HopfyNutone.
Welcome to the site.. Make yourself at home in here. HuntingMan said it very well. Just abide by the rules of where you hunt. There is nothing wrong with a 80 lb doe. I have had quite a few in my freezer over the years. They make for some fine eating. Congrats on your first deer.
if you had fun, killed the deer in a ethical way, and abide by the rules, thats all that matters. and if you follow those guidlines, as well as pass them on to your son, then you and your son will get many many years of fun out of hunting. :thumbup: but remember the number one rule of hunting: after killing deer, post pic!
Thanks for all the responses. I will certainly always follow the law and in the future, if I ever am lucky enough to get another deer, I will post the pics! One of my former hobbies was catfishing and I know that the smaller 'cats usually had a much better taste then the older ones. Is the same true for deer......the younger/smaller ones please the belly more than the bigger ones? I know some go for the large racks, but I prefer the taste of my meat. Also, I go to Wal-Mart a lot and buy nearly everything there, from computer supplies to hunting supplies. What do you guys think of the quality of their products in terms of hunting? Finally, if my stand is facing the rising sun, is it ok to wear reflective sunglasses to keep the sun out of my eyes? Would the glare from them possibly scare away the deer? Fellas, thanks for taking the time with my questions, I really appreciate it!!!!

"Nutone then, Nutone now, Nutone forever"
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Try not to position yourself facing the sun. The reflection will get you busted most of the time and hinders you vision as well. It's always better to have the sun at your back that way a deer will not pick you out as easily with the sun shining at them.
Yes the younger, smaller ones have a better taste. As far as quality from wal-mart on hunting supplies. I will buy little stuff there like a hunting call or light, ammo and such, but my bigger items such as a bow or clothing I try to buy a nicer brand than wal-mart has to offer. A primos doe bleat at wal-mart is the same one you buy somewhere else. Now this also opens up another arguement amongst us hunters. Some will not shop at Wal-mart because they have drove most all the little guys out of business. Your an American so that decision is up to you. Good Luck!
i know i will be buyin my cloths and such from cabelas. cus they offer a quality of thermals that walmart cant hold a candle to.
Greetings From Vermont.. Welcome to the Club... First I have to say an 80 lb Doe for your first Deer is a very Fine deer indeed, Every Ethical hunter will tell you the same thing there's "no shame in game"

Shopping at Wal-Mart? I buy tons of things at Wal-Mart.
I have good luck with most everything I buy from them. Grunts, Bleats, rattling bag, ammunition, It's all brand name stuff,, another note... Wal-Mart doesnt manufacture the stuff they just market it.
Like buckfever says as an example A Primos call is a Primos call.
AND Wal Mart is not my Exclusive outlet for hunting supplies Believe me I share between suppliers... With your buying needs, your beginning purchases and supplies can get very expensive shop wisely for what you "NEED", don't be afraid to look for bargains,, any money you save now will be used later to buy your "WANTS" Needs are the things you have to have, the WANTS are those things on your wish list... :w00t:
Good Luck to you and Happy Safe Hunting
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Welcome and Congrats,

Till recently I too did most of my shopping at Walmart. I always thought the other places would be way too expensive. Well, I was wrong Basspro and Gander Mtn. have a lot the same items at comparable prices. The difference is they have a much larger selection. So just get what you need and don't worry about where it came from, maybe check Walmart and if they don't have exactly what you want the try one of the others.:thumbup:
i know i will be buyin my cloths and such from cabelas. cus they offer a quality of thermals that walmart cant hold a candle to.
No argument with that. For the first time ever I broke the piggy bank and bought a cold weather parka and pants from cabelas and I don't know why I haven't done that a long time ago. But I do buy alot of hunting items from Wal-Mart.
lol i try not to buy any hunting sweaters or jackets from wal-mart cus the zippers always screw up on them, but maybe thats just me. i do buy a lot of gear at walmart because they usualy have what i need and the nearest bass pro or cabelas is over and hour away. i reload most of my rifle ammo, but i buy my shotgun shells from there, along with countless outher items that i probobly dont need.
leave the cop shades home you dont have to have the sun at your back but it does help i know some mornings i love the feeling of the sun warming me up.deer tend to bed where the sun will hit them first thing so keep this in mind.congrats on your deer like everyone else has said if ya did it by the book who cares what the next guy many people get caught up in the mines bigger/better than yours thing.:bye:
I'll add my "Welcome" to the group. Regarding sunglasses, or anything bright or shiny -- stay away from it. You'd be surprised at what animals can see and pick up on. When I hunted caribou in northern Canada, the Inuit guides didn't even like to see hunters wearing red. "No wear red; caribou see red," they kept saying. These guys just might be the best hunters in the world, so maybe they're right. Unfortunately, where most of us hunt, things aren't so isolated that we can afford to NOT wear red or hunter orange. Anyway, it's required, but shiny stuff isn't!
As a new hunter, you might want to read Beyond Fair Chase by JimPosewitz. It's all about hunter ethics - short, very readable and enjoyable, and only about five bucks in paperback. (The other guys on this site are probably getting tired of hearing me recommend this book, but it's worth it.)
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tender meat

aint nithin wrong with killin a small deer as long as its legal. the little ones have more tender meat than the big ones any way
:bye: hey don't Be a shame god didn't put them on earth to look at lol btw walmart is a great place For Ammo/Calls/Scents/Gun/ Almost every thing
All there Hunting Stuff is A++ Rated..

what is beter slug buckshot for deer
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