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My first deer.....and my future one

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2 weeks ago I killed my first deer AND hog in a period of 30 minutes.It was AWSOME.Here are some pics(I know it's a doe but everyone has 2 start somewhere)...

My Kills picture by FoeHammer777 - Photobucket

And here is the deer we have been watching on our game-camera.He is a nice 8 pointer and by next season he should be a 10.A guy who has also been out to our land ALOT says he has seen a 10 pointer about 3 times but we dont have any pictures and he is very reliable.

My deer for 2009..... picture by FoeHammer777 - Photobucket
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Those are great animals and the buck has thick antlers. I hope you get a shot at him next season.
Congrats and good luck. :thumbup:

Man I would like to get me a hog to round out the freezer. yum yum
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