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my 22-250

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I have one and I actually really like it, Its great for Deer hunting and is a exelent varmit gun, but I have a question, the largest animal ive taken is an axis deer, and Ive been wondering in yalls oppinion how much bigger of an animal do you think it could take down? thanks
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I also have one rifle and it's a 30-06. I don't have alot of experience with a 22-250 and don't know the limitations of it but I guarantee you that someone here does and they'll get back to you real soon.
thanks anyways wanna be buddies?
I wouldn't use a 22-250 for deer. Does not generate enought energy. Bullets are going over 3000 fps but are not heavy enough to generate the energy to take down a deer cleanly. I know for sure they are not legal to hunt with in WA state. WA state requires 24 cal or larger for big game.

Awesome for song dogs tho!
I dont have or shot the caliber your talking bout.It sounds like to me you come from a hunting family so i would ask dad to let you advance to a higher caliber.maybe 270 or something like that.Im an old fashioned guy and the minimum cal is 30/30 most likely a marlin lever.Whatever you choose remember this .you are supposed to be confident in your abilities to kill the deer quickly and humanly.Remember the snipers motto "One shot one kill".I would approach dad and ask him to spend some time at the range together,you may not realize it now but in the distant future you'll look back as these times and be happy.Oh to be young again.excuse me i got a little hallmark/sappy on ya.But i'll say this I'll never forget the time my dad taught me how to shoot .It was like i joined some special club,.
I remember that oh man
I shot a deer with a 22-250 hit it in the heart, the liver exploded into small quarter size pieces. I had custom loaded 70gr speer bullets. It can be done but is really on the small size and not legal in all states. It should be used for what it was intended for varmits. I would start with the 243 and go up from there for deer size game.
ok ill ask my dad but the 22-250 is probly a good handme down for my bro thats what he shot the buck with and for all yall just a little tip from my experiences DONT hunt deer with a 223 it is way to small but thats my oppinion
223 is a coyote ,varmint gun:yucky:
well me i think where you shoot the deer that counts iv taken down a couple of big mature bucks witha 22-250.but iv shot them in the neck and stoped them in there trackes.and i used federal cartridge 55 grain hallow point
i wouldnt use one. i use my dads remington model 700 in .308. never shot a deer with it but he has.recoil wise its only about double that of his .410. my rifle is going to be either a 264 win. mag or a 308 but not a 22-250. little too small, but to each his own .
You can kill just about any animal with just about any cartridge. When I hunted caribou with Inuits in northern Canada, they used 22 mags to kill caribou and thought all the center fires we had were too big. They would look at our guns, shake their heads, and say, "Too big shoot caribou." But when they kill a caribou, they run their canoes right up next to one that is swimming and shoot it right in the ear. So, that works for them.
The question you need to ask yourself is: How much do I respect the animal? By that I mean, please don't take a chance on wounding it because the rifle caliber you were using required an absolutely perfect hit. So many things can go wrong - a little wind, a slight movement of the animal just as you pulled the trigger, a tiny branch that you didn't see that was in the way, etc. You most likely won't be able to stick your barrel in its ear like the Inuits do, right?
My advice: stick with the recommended "usual" calibers for the game that you are hunting.
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onehorse, I agree. We all know the poacher caliber is a 22 long rifle. Small calibers will kill the issue is, is it legal, moral, ethical? Of course not! I too have over 50 deer kills with many different rifle/caliber combinations and believe that the 243 is the starting point for youth/women and go up from there. I think the new 260 rem with a 140 gr bullet is a great rifle for a young hunter to start with.
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