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my 2 year old plot

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i went in and checked on the food plot i did a couple years ago. some of you remember. i had seen it in more than a year. anyway man its nice. the clover and rye grass are way greener than the rest of the field and its nice and thick. i guess i will have to keep an eye on it. maybe get a camera out there. i should have taken a picture maybe next time. i hope the critters have been using it. i may put out a cage to monitor the growth
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Thats what I've been hoping for. Nice to hear someone got something to grow!
RE: I see your po

RE: I see your point, but my response is the same. A rereovcy, 12 years on, looks like you're still well in the hole compared to where you started. The U.S. will survive, rereovcy will happen, but life will be very different than it is today. First and foremost the government probably won't be there to catch you if you fall. Life will be simpler, and for many more enjoyable. We'll all do more with less. One positive change- I just read that if you have heavy debts you're 11 times more likely to experience significant back pain. That issue will be resolved for many. In the new world, if you can't save up the money and pay cash, you probably don't buy a lot of those things you have today.My only real concern about rereovcy is that it could get ugly in the cities where too many depend on the government and have little to fall back on. Did you know that 20% of the residents of L.A. county are dependent on welfare? What happens when CA and then the feds have to cut those programs? Rate this comment: 0 0
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hey Marie,Thanks for

hey Marie,Thanks for letting me know about your new hop aduertvne. I am an old follower and will be hopping with you every monday. I am putting your hop button on my sidebar. Happy Valentine's Day!
Looks good ronn ...Nice and green

I rode through my plots in the back yesterday and my last spring clover plot looks way better than it ever did last year
Someone bushhog that last year Ron?
yea the landowner does it once a year for fun. i noticed some of the new green has been nipped off. that tan/brown in the way back of the pic is what the rest of the field looks like. its about an acre and a half and you're looking at about half of the plot. the family likes seeing the critters and figured this would help even if i did take an animal or two. maybe i'll see about making it bigger?
Cutting it will help it. As long as he doesn't cut it too low. I don't know how tall that stuff gets up there but the clover will get knee high or better here. Yea if you could, do it all. Can't hurt. Well nothing but your wallet :biggrin:
Hi, Maureen: I just

Hi, Maureen: I just opened my e-mail flyer from AllFreeSewing and the stlroler bag caught my eye. Even before I clicked on it to open it, I was already wondering if it was a Maureen Wilson masterpiece. Sure enough! I wasn't disappointed when I opened up the tutorial! You are one talented lady and I love absolutely all of your creations! Best wishes and keep em coming!
looks like its working pretty well!
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