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muzzleloader buck

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hey guys i was just wondering if anyone has any advice to finding a decent buck or any tips that could help to finding a decent buck in muzzleloader
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same tips you would use hunting it with rifle,bow ,cannon,grenades:biggrin:

look for deer runs come from feeding and bedding take a trail cam out and leave it for two days and go and check it out the other way i find a good deer run and put some scents out and use trail cam too . You can drive around and glass our you know a good area sit on the ground your in a stand and glass for them .:wallbash:
thanks guys ill have to try them out i know there is lots of does and yearlings in the area but if they are there then the bucks are to it just finding where the big boys play lol
just wait till those come into heat,you'll see em:yes:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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