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Mountain lions

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I know every one says there aren't mountain lions in PA, well I was sitting on my back porch and I saw something move back by my wood pile. When I looked up I saw the rear end of a huge cat. I'm guessing it was around 3 feet tall. It was tan and I only saw from its back legs to the end of it's tail. It was a really long tail too. I know a guy who works with a guy who knows a guy who had 5 pictures of a mountain lion on his game camera.(He was in PA)

So, if you live or have been in PA and seen a mountain lion please tell me.
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We have them in Maryland because I have seen 2. No mistake because they were only 25 yards away.:shocking:
I'm not disputing what you say you saw, but one thing I don't understand about states that "officially" don't have mountain lions but in which folks who live there still see them - especially states that have snowy winters... where are the tracks or pictures of the tracks in the snow? Those big cats don't hibernate and the don't fly. So, what's up with that?
they are here in nh as well. the state will officially say they aren't. the reason???????????? they would have to manage for them and that would cost the state plenty to set up and run.
Its the same here..we have seen the tracks over the years when they pass through , and people do see them
But game & Fish say ..nope not here
im about 99% sure i saw one, wile out hunting a few years back. i can say for sure it was a big cat.
The state of Kansas says that mountain lions aren't in the state. They are full of #@$%%$$# I have seen one run across the road in front of me while I was at work. I have also talked to law enforcement and they say that offically the Big Cats aren't here, but one officer said he worked a car / mountain lion accident about a year ago. But the dept. wildlife and parks stated to me that it is against the law to shoot one. How can you shoot one if their not here. :confused::confused:
I heard a story that an amish farmer in PA had a mountain lion coming on his property. It kept coming back and it killed one of his pets. When it came back the next time he shot it, and someone turned him in for it. When the Game commission officer came he was saying that it was illegal and he was going to fine him, so the amish farmer said, "well if there not here in PA then I guess I didn't shoot anything." Then the officer just turned and walked away and left.
we have them here in Wisconsin too the DNR will dispute it but there are just to many sightings.
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