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Mountain Lion

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This is my cousins friend who sent him a pic of a big cat that was hit in Elicottville, NY recently. According to him there was another cat that was hit in an area 20 miles South of where this one was hit (Southern Tier of Western New York).

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MAMA MIA!!!!! That could eat me for a snack. Imagine getting in your stand and looking up at daylight and seeing that joker sitting on a limb. :shocking: Hope I have a gun.
WOW!!!!!! never seen one they say we got them ...great pic:yes:
i heard from someone that this a scam going around .this other person lives upstate as well and also got it sent to there phone:crazy:from other site"Called DEC today and the cat text is a hoax going around the web....shot some place out west....still got me thinking about those long dark walks through the woods...funny...hunting is about the only time I'm not afraid to walk the land at dark...well here at home NEVER at camp...I do but usually hairs breath from jumping out of my skin ...until I hit the stand..."
when we see the word cousin?????????? do we need to step back
I don't know anything about that hoax, just that my cousin called and told me about it and sent the pic to me and I posted it here. I guess it would be different if I knew the guy but I don't. Oh well. Delbert you are scaring me with that question.
just spreading the info i got
I was going to say I think I've seen that pic before. along with a couple others of the same cat and dude. I don't know for sure, but hey stranger things have happened.
Those cats mean business no matter where they live.
Well I finally got a hold of my cousin. He only forgot to tell me about the "friend of the friend" x10 so the validity of the photo is still in question. Great pic though.
it is a big cat. there is another going around of a mule killing a cat while a hounds sits and watches.
it is a big cat ,you can say for sure some ones cousin killed it...
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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