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mosin nagant 91/30 custom stock?

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i was wondering where i could get a custom synthetic stock for my 91/30? and how much?
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I kind of doubt that you could. The only synthetic stock is the ATI. But if you want a really nice wood stock check out Boyds. They sell 3 different kinds for the Mosin Nagants.
not sure how custom you want, but I just purchased a mosin sporter style stock for my brother for christmas, bought it through and paid about 70 bucks including shipping, just waiting on his wife to secretly deliver the rifle to me so I can fit the gun to the stock and wrap it up for his christmas present. it still has the original wood stock but he tried to modify and sporterize it himself...he failed...miserably. I am also going to correct his attempt at mounting a scope and finally get the rifle sighted in for him. my brother is good at many things, gunsmithing is not on that list, I usually do some for all my kinfolk
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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