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I hate the full moon for hunting, but it does not keep me from the woods. It has been my experience that there is less than normal early morning activity, but more than normal midday,early evening movement, tapering off to very little again just before dark. Nothing scientific about my findings, just observations from 30 plus years of bowhunting.
I much prefer dark of the moon/new moon and several days on either side, but if waited for perfect conditions I wouldn't get out much.

During the peak of the rut, anything I just said goes right out the window. :biggrin:

That's the same with me I am going to go reguardless I don't get that much choice. I know some guys that swear by that stuff but to me it's like waiting on perfect weather you can think yourself right out of an oppertunity. You can't kill a deer if you not out there hunting.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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