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Your location is one of the toughest to hunt. Variable winds and thermals in these locations only benefit the deer. Even with wind in your face does not mean he will not detect you with the swirling affect of such a location.
Best way I have found is the use of a scent drag on a breezy/rainy day. Both will disperse scent to the point of being a non threat to the deer. 5 days is too much to hunt one location. Believe me he knows you are there by now. Your best bet is to go after him the last week of the month (Oct) when the chase phase is in full swing. Going in very early giving you time to set the trap while deer are in feeding areas outside of this sanctuary. I do not believe this is bedding area but more than likely a staging area. His bedding area will be more than likely on the side of a hill off of a small point about a third down from the high ground where wind and thermals are a little more consistent.
Waiting to hunt him till the end of the month will also help by letting the other hunters push him more to you because their access points are from their side and hopefully not from your property side.
Many times such as this one traps need the help of other hunters intrusion to make the perfect set up.
I don't know the lay out of your location or your prevailing wind but moving in too tight into such a location without a good consistent wind will only blow him out of there. Stay higher and as far down wind of this area as you can to be still within this staging/scent checking location. The thing you need to keep in mind is the over all view of the situation. By waiting you get the benefit of the bucks expanding area of scent checking due to the up coming rut as well as the helping push from neighboring hunters to bring him to you. Last but not least is stay mobile always keeping access and exit routes in and out of there away from main deer travel routes.
I know it is a lot to think about but this method works.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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