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I firmly believe that's his bedding area, but I DESPERATELY need some advice on how to get him to move my way. ANY AND ALL ADVICE WELCOME! Thank you.
mattjt4, Greetings from Vermont & Welcome to the Club

The Best and only advice I can give you is to stay put & don't change anything you're doing except maybe the rattling and calling attempts.
I would refrain from rattling or using calls temporarily, you're in "HIS" area he's not concerned much with other bucks coming into "HIS" area so he isn't apt to respond to your rattling or calling, not yet anyway, the rut will change that attitude.

We're slowly approaching the rut and those bucks that always stay holed up for as long as possible
will eventually break away from the areas they feel safe in and begin to move out more in search of Doe's
and you'll be there when he moves and hopefully be able to get a shot at him.

Good Luck and please don't forget to take pics to share with us when you harvest your trophy
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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