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mock scrapes

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I started making mock scrapes (8 so far) using a newer product from whitetail institute. My next hunt weekend is the 16th-17th. I would like to get a jump start on the pre rut by introducing a scent to the drippers I have already in position. any recommendations? I do not want to use anything like special golden estrus this soon but something a little watered down to draw attention and not run anything out of the county.

I have a bottle of trails end(compliments of DHC), I have heard it is a good early season scent product.

Any suggestions?
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Predator you have more faith in that stuff than I do. I tend to be anal about introducing any foreign scents into my hunting area. But the proof is in the pudding, I will be interested to see how it works for you. Good luck
I do make mock scrapes in PA, however, not untill Nov3-4 as this is truly pre-rut period. I like to add the mock scrapes in line with a known rub line as this can make the buck more territorial maybe show himself during daylight hours. Finding real scrape lines is tops if you have low doe numbers as the scrapes become the calling cards for the does, but if you have a large doe herd and low buck numbers then scrapes become almost useless because the bucks are too busy tending the large herd and don't have to hunt hard for breeding does by using the scrapes for trailing scent purposes. Using mock scrapes along heavily used travel routes especially in natural funnels can pay big dividends. I also like to use a couple of different estrus products to simulate multiple does in heat. Putting out mock scrapes too early might not be as productive as waiting a couple of more weeks??
HM- i like your idea of using a couple different estrous scents! that's something I've never thought of doing. I'll have to try that this year.

I've made a few scraps right off deer trails and I spray some type of urine on them, either doe or buck. DEFINATELY not estrous this early. I do this b/c it sort of acts as a cover scent too. If the wind is light and you are up high, odds are the deer are going to smell that pee first before any other foreign odor.

I was watching a deer hunting show last night and a guy shot a doe w/his bow one night about 10 yds from his stand. the next night, a LARGE buck came into the same exact spot, did a 180 and started licking the blood from the doe the night before. This buck was going crazy. Of course the guy took the shot. What I'm wondering is, what was in that blood tomake that deer want to lick it so badly? I've also heard that if you field dress a deer, put a camera over it and you'll see deer pass by it and smell and they are highly interested in it... I plan on doing that this year, just to see...
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im interested on how the mock scrapes work out for you. i've never been a big fan of using the scents mostly because im cheap and dont want to waste money on something that might not work. also i've always had good luck with rattling and grunting during the pre-rut. but im also not opossed to trying something new let me know how it works for you and maybe ill try it this year when it comes time.
I had some very positive results from the introduction of estrus products in my hunting last year. so much so that I would swear by there effectiveness.

As far as buck/doe ratios in my area, last year it was almost 1-1. it was some of the best encounters I have had in this area and it was the first time I have used a lot of scent products.

Maybe I will set up another MS away from the area I am hunting and set up my trail cam over the scrape to see what the impact of early use of estrus has.

here in MO,..the wind was blowing pretty constant in all directions on the 13th, I toook a "buck bomb" out to my stand area and set it off ,..and got out of the area,..the next evening around 5 I went to my stand in that area,..6:20 here come's a 10 pointer rubbing all over the scrub oaks,..I grunted once lightly in his dirrection ,..he raised his head ,.but went back to the rubbing scrub oaks ,..he was about 60 yards to my west,..wind was blowing from the west, I turned away from him to the east and blew the grunt hard,..he came running, 35 yards quartering away ,..I released,.he piled up about 50 yards from of him in my profile album,..

excuse the caps

the next 3 weekends are hunt weekends in the conservation area. hopefully it will be productive. between my son and I , we have 6 tags to fill. it would be great to fill them all during the next 3 weeks. the rest of the season would be no pressure and optional.
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