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Mock Scrape ???

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High guys my brother and I were talking about possibly making a mock scrape this year... we were wondering have any of you used one ? made one ? Any opinions or observations ??? Advice ???

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Aaron, hunting during the rut is prime time to make mock scrapes. I travel to PA and have limited time to scout so basically I locate scrapes and rub lines untill I pick my stand site. I use mock scrapes to distract the buck from his routine (his scrapes) and try to get into his mind by thinking he has an outsider in his territory and investigates. I use quality doe in heat scents and buck urine to make the scrape. Just keep all your scent away, rubber boots and rubber gloves should be used. I also like to use a set of antlers to bust up the earth for the scrape, this is probably not needed but something I do. Anything that keeps the buck in your kill zone longer is another bonus of mock scrapes. Scrape activity is affected by many things, but too many does and scrapes will not be visited as much but when there are few does for every buck then advertising (scrapes) may just be the ticket.
i've made them and got a buck to start using in regularly. mind you in was pretty much along a scrape line anyway.
Mock scrapes usually work very well, the only problem I've ever seen with a mock scrape is,
they attract the attention of other hunters as well as deer but if you're hunting private land that shouldn't be a problem at all,
on the other hand If you're hunting public land, that's a whole different story..
all of the above are true.I have used them my advice besides what been said is you have to be scent free when you set it up,rubber boots and gloves. i use the hanging dripper that wont freeze.when you make a scrape you should also make a licking branch and rub the tree.i will tie a brach if i have to .i try to tie the dripper high enough that a deer on its hind legs cant reach it.clean an area of 3' in diameter and remove the leaves(this way you 'll see the tracks) good luck
Joel... whats a licking branch ???
its a branch that hangs over most scrapes and some rubs a buck will rub its forehead on it and then lick it.go to the pics section theres a post about scrapes you'll see the licking branch
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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