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Well the Boston Red Sox are trying to run away with it as the New York Yankees unravel in the A.L. East. Oh, the Toronto Blue Jays are in second.

The Cleveland Indians were running away with it but the Detroit Tigers have went back on top in the A.L. Central as they look to stay there. The Minnesota Twins try to win with a dose of Johan Santana and a lot of young pitchers. The Chicago Whitesox have dissappeared thanks to manager Ozzie Guillen.:ranting:

In the A.L. West, the Los Angeles Angels are playing great. As the Seattle Mariners occupy the second spot, the Oakland Athletics look to make a second half run as they seem to do every year.


The N.L. East looks up for grabs. The New York Mets are currently in first with the Philadelphia Phillies and the Atlanta Braves a few games back. Jose Reyes the energizer. Ryan Howard is starting to blast the ball again; he hit one 505 feet today. Andruw Jones is in a contract year and doing nothing, and Braves manager Bobby Cox got the I curse more than you:ranting: :ranting: award for most ejections.

In the N.L. Central, the Milwaukee Brewers are back to their winning ways, 8-2 in their last 10. They stuck their 3rd base prospect Ryan Braun straight into the three spot and he's delivered so far. The pitching has been great, with a nice prospect SP in Yovani Gallardo who they'll be moving to the bullpen because they don't know where to put him. The Chicago Cubs are in second for the moment. The St. Louis Cardinals will be trying to dislodge the top spot from the Brewers before long. And the Houston Astros can't hit again, and not pitching either for that matter.

The N.L. West is always up in the air. The San Diego Padres, Los Angeles Dodgers and Arizona Diamondbacks are all pretty much tied for first. Your guess is as good as mine who will win. Padres = excellent pitching, bad hitting - Dodgers = good pitching, above average hitting and the Diamondbacks = above average pitching, average hitting so urrm, Dodgers it is. Least but not last, I mean, last but not least Barry Bonds approaches the Home Run Record and should pass it shortly. Robin Williams said he gets all the power from his booty, Big Booty Bonds.
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