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Hello fellow hunters, I'm new to the site. And I'm going to start out by asking a dumb question. So please bear with me. My kin-folk lost his hunter safety card and i've been in the DNR website for help. Didn't get it though, called all listed #s', want be back in till this coming Monday. Live here in Georgia, so if anybody has any info, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks , MissedTheDangThang
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Hey MissedTheDangThang and welcome to the site. Sorry but I'm from NY and never hunted in Ga. But I guarantee that somebody will have the info you're looking for just hang in there. GOOD LUCK.

Thanks Timber, I know there's somebody out there that can help me. Just figured DNR would be in office today. I keep telling kin-folk not to do any hunting without his hunting safety card, and if he don't want to listen, what else can you do. Again Thanks for your input. Happy Hunting
I took a quick look at the Ga. regulations. Here's what they say on this:

Residents and non-residents born on or after​
Jan. 1, 1961 must successfully complete a​
hunter education course prior to purchasing​
a season hunting license. However, a hunter
education course is not required to purchase
a one (1) day or three (3) day Hunting
Hunter education is not required to hunt on one’s own
land or land of a parent or guardian.

Hunters Age 16-25​
must present a Hunter

Education Card when purchasing a season
hunting license and must possess the card​
while hunting.​
Hunters Over Age 25​
and born after

Jan. 1, 1961 must meet hunter education
course requirements but need not present
their Hunter Education Card when buying a​
season hunting license or possess it while​

They way I understand this, if he's over 25 or he's hunting on his own land he doesn't actually have to have the card with him. That's assuming, of course that he managed to get someone to sell him a license without one. If he's between 16 and 25 and he buys a 1 or 3 day license then he doesn't need it. The problem is that residents don't appear to be able to buy the 3 day license (and lieing about being a resident might be fraud) so he'd have to buy a daily (one day) license to be legal. There's still a problem with that though because there's no daily Big Game license, only non-resident 3 day and yearly so we're back to the begining: He's gotta be over 25 or be hunting on his own (or parents) land AND have a valid license to be legal without the Hunter Education Card.

To be clear, that's just my interpretation of the Ga regulations based on the DNR website here:
I haven't hunted in Ga. in about 20 years so take it for what it's worth.​


But then...
Opinions vary...
And that's just mine...

Hunt well, hunt safe.
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A big thanks for the info. It sent me in the right direction, found what i needed. Made sure I printed more than one copy, this way if he loses it again, there will be an extra one. Sometimes all it takes is someone on the outside looking in to show you the way to go. Again THANKS!!!!!!!

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