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Missed a buck!!!

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Me and daddy-o were hunting last Saturday and we were hunting some new public land that a guy we know had taken us too. We all three kind of covered this holler(as we call it in Alabama) from one end to the other. Nice and cold morning about 6:30 or so we heard a shot from dads side of the holler followed by a quick thud or thump. So i thought great he got him one. Because we havent killed one all season and really havent got to go much. But i was just glad he got to shoot one so we can get some meat in the freezer. So we all meet up a little after 11 and asked if he shot and he missed a nice 8 or 10 he couldnt really tell. since it was just peeking daylight he said all he could see was head and neck because the deer was below a ridge about 20 yds behind him. and when he shot he waited 15 mins and went over to look for some blood or hair and seen he had hit a little sappling tree and it flared off the tree.:wallbash: so he was pretty upset to say the least. what is some of your guys stories of some misses?
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kinda dangerous shooting at something you havent fully identified coulda killed somebody:no:
If he is shoot below a ridge from a treestand (down) at the neck of a deer (small target) in an area that him and 2 other hunters are canvassing (know the lay of the land) it was probably the safest shot possible.

Not to nitpick but that is a pretty clean miss.

My worse miss was when I was 18. I was commuting to college and my old ranger overheated and blew the headgasket. So on the last weekend of the season I am working on the truck in my father in laws shop, and hunting for the first time out of the back window of his shop. A few minutes before dark a 3 deer come into the veiwing lane and I get legal (orange up, I know it is stupid but..) and lower the boom on a doe. She turns and runs but no jump (clean miss). I level down on the next deer standing. Boom... jump and run. I hit that one. We trailed it a bit. Never had good blood. Couldn't find it.

Found it a couple days later. it was a spike. Gun was shooting 6 in high and 3 to the left at 50 yards. Learned quite a few lessons that year.
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Learned a couple of good lessons one year myself . . .

It was the first year I hunted with my brand spanking new Marlin 336 in .30/30. Bought a box of Winchester Silvertips 170 grain thinking the bigger the bullet, the easier to drop a deer. Yup, y'all can pretty much figure out where this is going.

First day of deer season and this handsome 6 point graces me with his presence. I think my entire body was shaking as I eased the hammer from half cock to full and pressed the safety to the "fire" position. Took careful aim and "ka-pow" -- watched the six point drop about 50 - 60 yards away. Thinking I was the best hunter west of the Mississippi, I walked up to what I thought were the buck's final death throes. You can imagine my surprise when the buck extracts himself from the brush and then runs off leaving me to stare open mouthed at his departure. Since I knew I'd hit him in the vitals, I hadn't bothered jacking another round into the chamber. (something I haven't done since!)

Learned several lessons that day.
1) 170 grain is too heavy, hence too slow to penetrate deerhide
2) shoot Remington Core-Lokt 150 grain, have had nothing but success since
3) always be ready to put round number two into your deer. I was lucky he ran off instead of charging me. That would have been downright embarrassing trying to explain how I'd been beaten up by a buck when I was holding a loaded rifle.

Any other stories??? Figure if I can embarrass myself like this, everyone else is fair game.
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i have missed out on several opritunitys to shoot a deer so i could make this statment. i have never missed when shooting at a deer. if i dont have a good low risk shot, i dont pull the trigger.
Im sorry joel, i didnt put enough info in there. He could see the buck walking from the woods to the cutover when he came out. But to where the buck stopped and offered the best shot (well if you want to call it that. i wouldnt have taken it) that is the only place he could have seen that much of the deer. He knew it was a deer and no one could hunt the other side because it is private land. But if the deer would have walked on the ridge got steeper so i guess dad thought if he could hit it in the neck he wouldnt take to much from it.
But I hunted that spot the other weekend and from what i could tell i think he could see more of the deer but just his excuse for missing......:whistling:
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