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Mineral Licks

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Anyone here have a mineral lick going for thier hunting spot this year?
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I haven't been able to post any videos here.I don't know what the problem is.I've tried several times but they won't take.
I tired posting the vid as well. I will have to ask a tech nerd to see if there is something wrong with our forums or if its the video.

Here is a past thread that I added a you tube vid too..

I dont get it. Here is a link to video anyways.

I'm heading to PA next month around the 17th and going to put out a fair amount of stuff like deer cain mixed with acorn rage, buck bran, something with apples in the label. These will be located where no one will hunt or be able to see the deer feeding in it. I thought with almost no food plots this year I'd try to put out some protein mixed with salt. Have never used the stuff but I'm going to be there so might as well try it.
I like the Nocturnal Video pluckit but I like the 2 - 8 points and 2 young bucks even better....

I hope you dont mind me posting it here for you.

YouTube - 070910-708pm-2-8 points and 2 young bucks.AVI
mineral licks more often than not will be abandoned during the deer season. the minerals needed for antler growth and lactating does is no longer as desirable as it is in the spring and summer into early fall.

oh they will be right back into them big time next spring so keep them charged
let me qualify that statement. in areas that aren't over populated with deer where the herd gets adequate minerals from the natural forage. they will most times abandon mineral licks unless there is something like apple jello in the mix.
In NH I believe that not legal to use mineral licks if the contents are 100% sodium. I could be wrong.
In NH I believe that not legal to use mineral licks if the contents are 100% sodium. I could be wrong.
i believe thats correct. you can't use sodium chloride at all. but other minerals shuch as trace minerals can be used and as you know, probably more than most, there are different kinds of "salts". its the nacl that is illegal here.

besides too much nacl isn't good for deer or other animals just as too much isn't good for humans
So, in the field how would you explain what minerals it contains ? Interesting dilema. But really MR. C/O the package stated ????????
trace minerals contents is on the bag. di-calcium phosphate is just that. the rock salt is nacl so thats illegal but you could use apple jello, peach, moultrie makes an acorn scented mineral and a berry scented mineral that cold be mixed with the home brew. the salt is basically just to get the deer to take in the trace mineral and the di-cal which are the things that build bone and help lactating does and start the fawns off with bigger body sizes.
what mineral are you using? a home brew? theres a great home brew out there that gets you about 200 pounds for about 50 bucks or less. its good for the deer all the deer.
no 200 pounds for less than 50 bucks
yup but you got lots of deer to care for. hahaha
from what i can tell, and this comes from guys down your way, baiting, with food stuffs, only works when there is no natural forage. i don't think thats an issue there.
Hey is deer co cain legal in nh?
The deer seem to like my mineral site....well, its just a Trophy Rock. The big buck in the first pic is on my hit-list.

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I'd go after him too, nice tall rack.
He would definitly be on my hit list as well WisconsinDeer. I like the tallness of the rack.
He looks really symmetrical....What do you guys think he scores? I believe he's an 8pt.
Hard to tell from one shot angle and I might be on the low side at 130-140? It's a really nice buck no matter what the score.
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