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midnight shift

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I have 7-12hr midnight shifts starting tonight. In the middle of them I also get one plant start-up and shutdown with a young in-experienced operation's breaker, joy! :thumbdown: It's going to be a very long week 84 hrs straight. 24 of it is OT so some of it goes into the fishing trip fund or boat fund or new gun fund???? :crazy: Or just into the bank! :wink:
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I have cut my grass first time this week.

same here, mine's about 10in tall!
That's it I am going out & snowblow the lawn be back in a week
That's it I am going out & snowblow the lawn be back in a week

oh yeah, I meant to add, the grass is as green as green can get! I love this time of year! Like I said before, I couldn't live some place like NH b/c of the cold weather. I admire you fellas that do. I get stir crazy and want to get outside and work on stuff BADLY. Can't do that with all that snow on the ground... well I guess you could, but it's just a huge sloppy mess and/or way too cold. I enjoy all the seasons equally when they first start. After about a month and a half of each one I'm done with it and ready for the next one! haha :boxing:
Here in NW Ohio we get about an equal blend of all 4 seasons. I am ready for spring though.
I hear ya this year was bad a lot of snow came fairly early & no Jan. thaw like we usually do so Yes I am going crazy & just want it gone
Last 12 hr shift to go tonight. It's been a long week. :crybaby: Started last Friday night and finish tomorrow morning. Things at work are changing with new upper managers on site. Stress levels are high and mood levels are down. :ranting: Hopefully nice weather changes the work enviroment a bit.
Congrats HM.. Its over for you.. I start the weekend on 12.5 hr nights all weekend long!! HM its folks like me and you that keeps America running!!
Oh yeah.. Cut my grass today (for the 2nd time), planted my potatoes the other day. Spring is here in TN!
ok snowblowed the lawn just got in went through 40 gal gas between the snowblower & the car (lights) now all my snow & lawn is in the woods guess brown is better then white hated that grass anyway now looks like I got a nice husqvarna lawn tractor for sale as I have no lawn to mow THANKS GUYS looks like for next year I am going to see what I need for an FFL to have a flame thrower :crybaby::no::eek:wned:
spent countless weekends,xmas,new years eves,working swing shift at bethlehem steel coke ovens.we used to have a saying that your parents hate you if you worked at the coke ovens.good people but terrible,filthy dirty work.Tator you want to see hell google the coke ovens and stand on top of a battery.closest thing ive ever seen.:wacko:
You and me BF, we'll feed America! :ibtl: a weekend off. :shocking:
I work in a sulfuric acid refinery. We have H2S, SO2, SO3, N2, CO2, H2SO4 just to start. :wacko: Not good on the lungs or overall health. :crybaby:Our main products are 93%, 99%, 104.5% sulfuric acid. We run 1800* furnaces with catalysis beds running 1100*. Mix the heat with cooling tower moisture and holy cow it's hot in August. I can't imagine a steel furnace heat!
HM glad to hear your long week is over get some rest I would not trade work w/ you for anything
even though I work in a metal room w/ 10-20 plasma torches running an arc at about 20,000 -50,000 degrees 40 outside thermostats inside blinking maxed out
heat is funny because everybody tolerates its different.seen alot of people fall out from heat stroke(very serious) and just get crazy mad from the heat. seen some terrible accidents very learned to work smart real fast and get off the brick.guys used to put strips of car tires on their boots to help but all that did is give you bad habits by staying in winter 20 below right on lake erie you would work in just ppe and a light shirt it felt bad as it was i would of never left if it didnt shut down. good people,crazy people,like family its not a normal job.
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