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Merry Christmas

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Well heading out boar hunting tomorrow then to the out-laws for christmas eve dinner so I most likely won't get on till after Christmas
just wanted to wish eveyone a


Thanks to BF, the DHC staff & everyone here
you all make me feel like part of a family & make the off season go a little faster

Hope all have a safe & joyous Holiday season
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To all the above I simply reply X2!:w00t:
Thank You and Merry Christmas to you and yours. Best Wishes for a Happy, Healthy and Successful New Year!!!
Yes sir Chris! Hope you and yours and everyone else on here has a joyous Christmas season.

I also hope each of you receive cool hunting gifts instead of ugly sweaters!

Merry Christmas
right on everybody have a great christmas!!!!!! Chris have a great time and good luck, merry christmas to you.
Merry xmas to all and deputy good luck on your hunt
Merry Christmas to all of you guys! HOPE you all have a great Christmas and Happy New Year!!!
Merry Christmas to all the DHC staff, members and families !!!
Merry CHRISTmas to all DHC members! Remember the birth of Christ and enjoy time with your familys!
Merry Christmas to all
It's been a great Christmas holiday!!! Spent Christmas Eve with my wife, sons, grandsons (x2), and the rest of the out-laws. Christmas breakfast was here with all the usual suspects and spent the rest of the day at my sister's with all my side of the family. No arguements on either side, good food, good company, and everyone had some laughs. The little ones all had a ball and wore themselves out and ol' Dad here even scored a new Primos TruthCam 46.........Hope everyone here on DHC had a great Christmas too.
Well Hope all had a great Christmas Mine sepnt w/ the out-laws as my parents had a bug so we will be doing christmas their tomorrow hope all have a safe & happy new year

Anyone get a new gun, bow or anything really cool
hunting trip was an early present from my wife
Bow was an early present from Me :w00t:
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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