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Mechanical vs. Fixed

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So I got my new bow a few weeks ago and now its time to get some Broadheads. I just wanna know what everyone's opinion is on fixed or mechanical heads. I'm looking at Grimreapers for mechanical and Magnus for fixed. I've herd Mechanicals shoot a lot more like field tips and you can get practice tips for mechanicals. But with fixed I've herd people saying you can get better pas through's and if you don't get a pass through the mechanical has a chance of closing up, were as the fixed keeps cutting as the deer or watever your hunting is running. Just wanting to hear some storys and opinions. Thanks!.
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To be perfectly honest, after nearly 36 years archery hunting, I can't say anymore which is better. I used to think only fixed blades should be used. Now, after seeing the damage the rage has done for my son and buddies, there is a sure balance for debating the merits of both. I'm an old Muzzy fixed blade proponet and still am today, however, I'll be shooting a new crossbow this year and will try the new rage broadheads for crossbows. I would still steer you to try a couple and see which fly the best for you and just have the confidence that it will do it's job. I would still trust a fixed blade to pass through slightly better than a mechanical. So to answer you, let the debate begin! :wacko:
All I can tell you is that, of all the hours I have spent on shooting fixed and mechanical broadheads. The fixed broadheads never fail to cut or make a hole in your target.

On the other hand the rear deploying mechanical broadheads (like the Rage and Meat Seeker) are also very effective.

My only advice is try them and see which works best.

Good luck,
I only use fixed blade broadheads, Magnus Stinger Buzzcut 4 blade 100 grain to be exact.
Fixed is the most logical way to go, anything mechanical could result in mechanical failure,
failure should not be one of our worries when choosing a broadhead, I use Muzzy broadheads and have no complaints.
Good Luck with whatever you decide to use..
I've herd good things about Muzzys, my dad has used them and got 2 pass throughs on the ram hunt he went on. I'm gonna try the Magnus 4 blade 100gr. Anyone know about the Magnus? Also I've herd with fixed blades you have to line them up with your feathers a certain way?
Unless you're making your arrows or hot melt glue was used to glue in the inserts you will not be able to line up the broad heads. I wouldn't be too concerned with that as the arrow flight will be your guide anyways. After getting a dozen shoot them all picking out 6 that fly the best and use them for your hunting needs. Most carbon arrows are built with fast setting glues similar to super glue. Muzzy broad heads are known for their accuracy and toughness. When I shot recurve bows I would line up the feathers and broad heads probably more for my own piece of mind rather than any other merits.
I'm gonna try the Magnus 4 blade 100gr. Anyone know about the Magnus?
Yes, I use that broadhead in the buzzcut variety. Last year I shot a doe at 50 yards, clean pass through, only ran 30 yards. Great broadhead! Also, their lifetime guarantee is great. I broke one of mine when I accidentally hit a tree (I was shooting at a real nice buck:crybaby:) which I need to send in real soon. They'll replace them no questions asked.
I use the Rage 2 blades & have no issues with them
even if it were to fail to open it looks like it would still leave a pretty good size wound
all I can say is the doe I shot last year blead out within 40 yards & it looked like someone painted a 4' wide path through the woods
also worked well on my Turkey last fall
they fly very nice with my setup
but like others said for mechanicals I like the rear deployment
I used to shoot muzzy's years ago & never had any issues with them either never shot anything with them other then targets but seemed to fly ok
Good luck
I ended up getting some Grimreapers, but I'm thinking about getting some Magnus 4 blade Buzzcuts for deer and use the Reapers for turkey.
I shoot 100 gr muzzys with my primary hunting bow. the impact point is presicley the same as with my 100gr field points. so I cant reason why I should go to mechanicals. plus I can get 6 muzzys for less than I can get 3 rages.
The only reason I can think of is if the hole is twice as big. I too am an old Muzzy user. I haven't purchased the broad heads for the cross bow yet.... but the compound will continue to see Muzzy MX-3 heads. The Rage 2 blade for cross bows doesn't use an O-ring to contain the blades from employing prior to the target hit. Don't know much other than that.
I just threw away 6 good rage broadheads this season. I switched to montec g5s. I loved the rage for 2 yrs but if you get any kind of angle to your shot they have a hard time going threw bone or even rib cage (not good) I lost a monster because of a 10 yrd angle shot the arrow only went in about 8 inches. Broadside shots theres nothing better but if your going for a wall hanger you get all kinds of messed up shots you have to take or watch them walk away.
I also lost a doe from a 15 yrd shot slight angle shot same stuff.
I have friends who love them and I have other friends who threw theres in the trash last season as well.
Ya wanna crush bone use fixed blades
My 2c
i use rage bleeders 1.5 inch cut good for tracking easy blood trail left to pick up on
Ya wanna crush bone use fixed blades
My 2c
I'm with you 100%.

Magnus Stingers 100g <-------try them
I've herd good things about the Magnus Stinger Buzzcuts. But don't you have to line the blades up with your fletchings?
Redhead Blackouts are what I use. 3 fixed blades. They are on the smaller side of cutting diameter. Mechanical broadheads always run the risk of failing (even if not likely, I don't like taking chances) so I go for fixed. Also, for $20 you can get a 3 pack at bass pro. Rages and your other big name broadheads are in the range of $40+. Also replacement blades are also high. Blackouts run aroud $15 bucks for new blades. My cousin shot a doe with a Rage this weekend and it made a good wound but still wasn't much more of a blood trail than normal broadheads.
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