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me and my boy!!! 8 Point

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Took my 5 year old opening day off black powder. we are setting in a 2 man ladder stand(whith safty vest) on a powerline. right at daylight we see a cyote and he is telling me SHOOT it dad!!! As bad as i wanted to I elected to pass. So we been setting there about 45 min and he is ready to get down and walk around, he wont be still, and i turn to him and say if you dont be still were not going to see anything...just try and be still for 15 more min and we will get down. The whole time im talking to him he is looking over my shoulder not paying any attention to what im saying and ther is two deer!!!!! So I turn and sure enough about 2 hundred yards away there is two bucks walking our way!!! So we get set up and there geting closer...He is saying SHOOT SHOOT and im saying BE QUIET!!! they get about 75 yrd and i shoot!! He is PUMPED up and i am too. We get down i let him blood trail it about 50 yrds and find it!!! A day we both will never forget!!!!!!!!!!


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good story, congrats! he'll be hooked for sure now
father and son, it just don't get any better than that, well maybe daughter and dad. Congrats and great picture.
Congratulations!!! Awesome story too...
Way to go waggle, I bet the boy is proud of pops.
Very cool.. The boy is gonna be spoiled now.. Thats a nice buck..
Congrats,I am lucky enough to have those same memories with my 2 sons.
Fantastic story and deer. Thanks for sharing it with us.
The smile on your son face says it all..
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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