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mathews vs hoyt

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Blame BRUCE for this a moderator looking for a fight.Go MATHEWS:w00t:
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LOL nawwww it was just a joke but I knew the mathews owners would perk up quickly on that one... :w00t:
PSE!!! why spend the extra money?

I'd rather have a chevy than a cadillac

-that's just me though.....
Im shooting a bowtech and couldnt be happier. I get speed and smooth shooting + straight shooting
Never shot the other 2 but I will check them out for my next purchase
ya this is just for fun i have also owned pse in the past there are many fine bows out there from alot of companies.
Personally I don't see enough of a difference between this company or that company to say one is a lot better than the other,
Espacially when you calculate in the high costs to own some of the top brand name models.
I think all of them are great weapons, they all work well enough to kill game animals, deer, bear, elk, etc, etc, etc...
Whether it's a 400 dollar bow setup or a 3,000 dollar setup, it all boils down to the hunter practicing enough to be sucessful with it.
I had a Hoyt then wanted a new bow and went with a Bear because of the price difference. The Bear shoots every bit as good, but the Hoyt has a much better fit and finish.
Mathews for me all the way. My first bow kill was with a Bear whitetail hunter I thought it was pretty great at the time..
yeah i agree i am a mathews guy. my first bow was a martin cougar pro that was a decade or so old, then a mathews solocam zmax. i loved it so much when i was forced to replace it, i got another one the exact same model. ( couldnt afford the newer one anyway lol)
team hoyt

an arrow thrown from your matthews couldnt catch up :pickle:with my arrow if it had a high speed rail ticket all manufactures are all pretty close but i would buy a bowtech or hoyt over a slow dog matthews anyday but you gota givem credit they own the advertising circuit
Sorry Spiker

Mathews is #1, but I couldn't afford a new one!Hoyt is down the line somewhere.
You guys are funny
All the top brand are great it pretty much personal preferance once you step up to that level.

Well I would have to say I will put my new Hoyt up against any Mat poo
any day of the week nowaday's it is just a name
& personal feel
Both good bows, but you gotta love the matthews:thumbup:
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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