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Marlin bolt action

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I've been looking at the new Marlin bolt action rifle, the xl7. The gun has a composite stock available in black or realtree camo. I have been able to find the black but not the camo. does anyone know anything about this? Thanks
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Called customer service @ Marlin and was told that the rifle got more attention than was expected and sales were a lot greater than expected. I wanted a 25 06 in the XL7, said get name on waiting list. Should loosen up after first of year.
nope. but keep us posted on it.
oh yea ! the 25-06. the oldest caliber of the future. ive shot everything from a groundhog up to a turkey, deer, wild hog. and i wouldnt be afraid to use it on mule deer or sheep. its the most versatile caliber ever.
marlin guns

these marlin bolt action are great nice tricker pull good handling guns mine is 270 in black stock that i'll put some whitemaybe some yellow to scope is pentex.never used it this year but will next used 45-70 with flex tip bullets
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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