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Marlin 30.30 Deer Hunting Rounds

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I recently purchased a Marlin 30.30 that I intend to use for deer hunting. I live in south Louisiana and hunt in fairly dense wooded areas. My qusetion is what is the best load to use for this purpose. I would like to get mfg/ grain/nose type. Any additional about this rifle is greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone and good luck and safe hunting !!
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if you are in thick brush with no shoots over lets say 60 yds, pretty much any lead nose bullet about 160 gr. will get the job done. Now if you have any shots around the 100yd or more range, i totally recommend the Hornady Leverevolutions. My Marlin 336 loves em. can cloverleaf 3 shots at 100 yards with em.
I'm a fan of the Hornady LeverEvolutions. 160grain..All of your other options will be 150grain or 170 grain lead flat nose bullets.
hornady is bringing out a new 140 gr, in 30-30 . Based on their GMX bullet. ballistics are showing only 12 inches of drop at 300 yds. waiting to get me some and give em a try
Remington Core-Lokt in 150 grain has proven to be very effective for me and my family out to 100 yards. But anything over 100 yds, I'll agree with everyone else with the Hornady LeverEvolution in 160 grain.
I shoot either the Remington 150 grain core-lokt blunt tip or the same in the Hornady brand. They both shoot the same and expand well in the Whitetail deer. I have used them for many years in the North Georgia underbrush.
Marlin Loads

The easy answer is the load that shoots the best in your gun. I have a 336C in .30-30 and the most accurate load I've ever used is Hornady's 160 gr. LeverEvolution cartridges. I haven't had a chance to use them on deer yet but last time at the range I shot a 7 shot, 1" group at 100 yards with a 4X scope on it. Good luck.:thumbup:
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