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Marlin 270

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I just bought the Marlin 270. Pretty light gun, this weekend i'll take it back and have the scope mounted. From what i'm reading the 280 will be my choice however I thought the price was pretty good at $250 and you cant have too many. Marlin just came out with it, any of you guys/gals heard anything or shot this gun yet?
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270 will get the job done as good as any callaber.
270 is great for deer out to about 300 yards. And for 'only' $250, I'd say you've got yourself quite a steal!
More on Marlin's XL7

Several of my friends just bought these, I am looking forward to see how they perform at the range. It's hard to go wrong with a good barrel, good trigger, all married to a bolt action.
Dang I payd like 350 for mine. But I have the xl7 in .270 and I love it. I dropped my 5x5 with it this year.
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