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I hear guys say I'd like to go to il and hunt but i can't afford it. i'd like to go to pa and hunt or go wherever. Well you can. all it takes is work. yuck thats a word i don't like. yea work on it, make an action plan and stick to it. I'm not rich. I bust my butt everyday like most i can make it happen. so can you and all it takes is work. I made it to il and i'll do it again. it took me 3 years of pinching pennies, working extra hrs and "side jobs" and i made enough to go. even with the unexpected that tapped into the funds I got to go. I figure it cost me around $5000 all totaled up to make il to an outfitter and thats counting I don't get a payed vaca. do the math 5000 divided by 3 is 1666 a year thats 138 a month. thats 34 a week thats less than 5 bucks a day. a pack of smokes. a can of copenhagen. a coffee and a scratch ticket.

pa was even less and i got to say just as fun even though it was a totally different type of hunt.

point is if i can make it happen anyone can.

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Or you could explain to them it's better to just hunt their local woods and save 5 Grand. :biggrin:
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