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Maine mishap is over...

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Long story short, I have my pistol back. They tried to get me for concealed weapon. But here's the funny...Initial stop; inform the officer I have a gun and to retrieve it, it's on the floor of the drivers side...UNLOADED, charged me with concealed weapon....Picked it up yesterday...They put it in a bag, gun, mag, and bullets...Sent me on my merry way....Now that's concealed:wallbash:
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Well were you charged? what's the conclusion of the charges?
Buckshot or another Tennessean can help me out on this but I think.. If we carry a firearm it has to be in a place where we cant reach it to load and fire. For example. I would put mine in the trunk or back area of vehicle and put the ammo in the glove box.

I am wondering the same thing as Bruce. Any fines?
All dismissed except waiting on court date for speeding, which is all this would have been if the state of Vt. hadn't had me suspended on there computer on a Paid fine for expired inspection sticker. That was a fun day....cuffed and stuffed. I applied for my license to C&C, but was told by Washington County, and the Town Clerks, and the gun club, it wasn't necessary, as you can carry, as long as it's not loaded, concealed. As far as I am concerned, I still did the right thing. Once I realized I was gonna be arrested, and they were going to tow my vehicle, I informed the officer to retrieve my gun....He just thought he had a BINGO. Now for my hearing with Vt. over there mistake, that cost me....
You're very lucky because Maine requires permits for residents and non-residents to carry concealed weapons.
So if you weren't permitted you should be thankful they didn't press the issue and the reason they didn't press the issue is because
the weapon was in the vehicle and not on you.
trust me when I tell you, they did you a favor.
I'll tell you what, the day of the incident, I was told, had I been wearing it, there would have been no problem. Which normally for this particular piece, I usually do, but it's a long ride, and had taken it off it had it on the floor. When I questioned the judge, officer, and the guy who sets bail, not one gave the same answer, and said it was a matter of interpertation. Yet town clerk, sherriff, and gun club, all stated, it was unnecessary to apply to C&C, as long as it's not concealed, or loaded, while transporting firearms.
I respect most law enforcement they put their life on the line everyday,but their are a few in every department that need to take a common sense test.Annie you said the gun was empty,so how can it be considered a firearm if their is no fire:crazy: You clearly volunteered the info about the gun so when your car was towed the gun wouldnt fall into the wrong hands.It sounds to me like its a case of an officer who needs to be retrained. Im glad to live in the buckeye, our state is far from perfect but we have some great gun laws:ibtl:(FOR NOW)
If you're not going to load it and carry it, why bring it along?
the following Maine Statue is very clear on it's wording regarding "threatening weapons" and Concealed weapons.

If you're going to carry a handgun into Maine just apply for the non-resident Concealed Carry Permit,
the following Maine Statue explains how to apply.

That is a rediculous situation. Thats why I just went and got my CHL, so I dont have to worry about it. I just have to inform any officer that I have it (or them) on me when they ask for ID. Texas doesnt even require a CHL to carry in you car anymore.

And I agree with what bruce asked about why bring it along if its unloaded. My CHL instructor told us in the class that if we came in with our weapon for whatever reason and it wasnt loaded he was going to slap us. He said you might as well be carrying a rock.
Theres alot of times I carry a pistol with no ammo just happened this weekend I went to a gun show bought a pistol brought it home empty.When I go to the range I transport many mt weapons so I dont see how you can say why carry if its not loaded.
that's an entirely different situation. in most cases a person carrys a handgun for personal protection,
How's an empty handgun going to protect you?
If anything, carrying an unloaded handgun could get you shot.
My instructor was different he wouldnt even let us bring our own weapons he supplied them,his reason was that he didnt know what kinda shooters he had in his class nor did he know our guns but he did know his,pretty much kept it safe for everybody.
You are right BB in most cases,but it only takes one case ask Annie.
Hey Buckfever, as far as the TN law its the pistol must be unloaded and the clip either lock in the trunk of the glove box. If you have one of those Conceal Carry Permits it wise to keep your hands in clear view and inform the officer and he will either have you hand it to him or he will take it out for you. After the officer finishes his business he will unload it and hand it back to you. I hope this clears it up for you.
Gun wasn't loaded, but I had bullets with me, actually the mag was loaded. And my house just got broken into in Maine for the 3rd time, that's why I was headed up, never mind, for protection, should I need it. Traveling that distance by myself, you bet your bottom dollar, I am gonna have something with me. Thanks Bruce, for the info, lets see what they have to say.
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