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local who lost his job to outsourcing took his savings and opened a made in the USA STORE.Im happy to report he is soon gonna be opening his second store.would sure be nice to see these types of stores dominate the country.

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i dont want to get to political on this one, but will say this.if you buy amarican it may cost a lil more but, 1 you get what you pay for, and 2... the $$$ comes back to you in one way or another. if you buy something made from another countery you are not going to se that cash back. allso would like to mention that on large purchasas it would be nice if they posted just how much of it was made in the usa. for example, as mentioned ford and chebby are known as amarican companys but are also made in other counterys. and toyota knows and jap cars but many do not know that they have many manufacturing plants in the US, and allso the most amarican made car on the road is the toyo cammery. go figure.

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As of Last year (2009) this was the list of American made vehicles and the percentage of how American they are.

The Corporate profits are where the money ends up

US-Assembled Cars.....Percent US/Canada...Name.....Corporate Profits
Ford Econoline..................95%...............USA..........USA

Ford Escape 90% USA USA
Mercury Mariner 90% USA USA
Ford Ranger 90% USA USA
Cadillac DTS 90% USA USA
Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra 90% USA USA
Mazda Tribute (Ford) 90% JAPAN JAPAN
Mazda B-Series (Ford) 90% JAPAN JAPAN
Lincoln Town Car 85% USA USA
Mercury Mountaineer 85% USA USA
Ford F-Series 85% USA USA
Chevrolet Colorado, GMC Canyon, 85% USA USA
Buick Rainer, GMC Envoy, Chevrolet TrailBlazer 85% USA USA
Isuzu Ascender (GM) 85% JAPAN JAPAN
Dodge Viper 85% USA GERMANY
Isuzu i-Series (GM) 85% JAPAN JAPAN
Toyota Sienna 85% JAPAN JAPAN
Dodge Grand Caravan – SWB 83% USA GERMANY
Chrysler Town & Country – SWB 82% USA GERMANY
Chrysler Sebring convertible 82% USA GERMANY
Jeep Wrangler 82% USA GERMANY
Ford Five Hundred 80% USA USA
Ford Expedition 80% USA USA
Ford Explorer 80% USA USA
Ford Freestyle 80% USA USA
Lincoln Mark LT 80% USA USA
Cadillac CTS 80% USA USA
Pontiac Solstice 80% USA USA
Chevrolet Corvette, Cadillac XLR 80% USA USA
Chevrolet Malibu, Pontiac G6 80% USA USA
Cadillac SRX 80% USA USA
Dodge Caravan – SWB 80% USA GERMANY
Toyota Camry 80% JAPAN JAPAN
Toyota Tundra 80% JAPAN JAPAN
Dodge Durango 79% USA GERMANY
Dodge Stratus 78% USA GERMANY
Mitsubishi Raider (Dodge) 78% JAPAN JAPAN
Dodge Dakota 77% USA GERMANY
Chrysler Sebring 77% USA GERMANY
Jeep Commander 76% USA GERMANY
Mercury Montego 75% USA USA
Chevrolet Uplander, Pontiac Montana SV6, Saturn Relay 75% USA USA
Chevrolet Cobalt 75% USA USA
Honda Ridgeline 75% JAPAN JAPAN
Honda Pilot 75% JAPAN JAPAN
Toyota Avalon 75% JAPAN JAPAN
Toyota Corolla 75% JAPAN JAPAN

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Congrats to that man. Its hard to find American products these days. Got to have a blatant sign out front big enough to read from 4000 yards away to know if they have American made products or not.

Cool list Bruce. Never seen one of those before.
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