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anyone watch that show,with Jim Cramer? I was at the taping yesterday of the 1000th episode what a blast.the guy is good he teaches you and entertains at the same time.I've used the knowledge to actually make money in the stock market,yeah this stock market now,i know hard to believe.I even got a couple of those bull he has on his desk he was throwing them into the crowd and i grabbed a couple:yes:
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Yes I have watched that guy.. He's funny how he screams at the T.V. and dances around like a maniac.. Every time I flip through channels my wife will say "Who is that screaming crazy looking dude".. Ive never bought stocks off of his recommendations but the guy must be decent to have a big of a following as he does..
when he names a stock it goes thru the roof
wasn't he involved in some shenanigans not long ago. kinda like payola. pretty sure it was him.
nope not that i know
i'm 95% sure it was, not that it maters much.
i think this was it
Jim Cramer Controversy Over Bear Stearns... :

Jim Cramer Controversy Over Bear Stearns... March 22nd, 2008 • Related • Filed Under ... What was also public was Jim Cramer's answer to a question from a ... - Cached
he also warned everybody to pull out of the market before the stuff hit the fan.the ceo from bear stearns was on the show and lied to jim about the company,not much ya can do about that..hey if ya dont like him thats fine with me im doing great with his advice
no, its not that joel, i just remembered him and some type of goings on. even reading that little article it didn't look like anything worthy of making the news to me. I don't watch him, nothing against him, just don't watch. if you're doing good listening to him thats great and better than a lot of folks out there. good luck. these days seems like everything is a crap shoot.
life is a crap shoot you can hit by a truck when you walk out the door
He's a phony, I would do the exact oppisite of whatever he says. Just look at some of the yahoo finance fourms
i guess thats why my portfolio went up 35% he's a phony :rolleyes:
sorry i brought it up
ain't got to tell you if its working for you stick with it, joel.
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